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Daniel Terdiman de Wired News nous livre son dernier lowdown sur comment devenir Dieu (ou Déesse) dans leur MMo favori...
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Want to play massively multiplayer online games, but don't want to spend time building up your character's stats? A new service launched Tuesday gives anyone the ability to bypass the countless hours it can take to advance deep into online games like World of Warcraft by renting the use of such characters by the month.

For years, despite a ban on such behavior by most publishers, people have been able to buy fully developed accounts to play online games. But the new subscription model from GamePal of Belmont, Michigan, takes lack of commitment to these games into virgin territory.

GamePal customers pay a $300 deposit, $150 for the first month and $130 for each subsequent month for access to their choice of 50 accounts (available initially) for 14 popular MMOs, including EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes and Ultima Online.

Newcomers to these games who aren't sure where they want to devote their time are in luck: GamePal allows them to try out what they want.

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